Sunday, November 6, 2011

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!!!

My mom and dad celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary this year! I feel so fortunate to have such long standing marriages in my family. Both sets of Grandparents have been married for 50 years and then my parents with 30. John and I are working up on 9. I sincerely hope that 20 years from now I love him as much or more than I do today.

To celebrate mom and dads anniversary we all went to Brian head Utah and stayed in what has to be the most beautiful cabin I have ever seen. This place had everything from a kitchenaid standmixer to central heating.We arrived at the cabin to a lot of snow!! Had to shovel the driveway for us to even get into the house. It was such a great weekend. All the kids sans Jack had a blast with me and my dad out in the snow. Well they had a blast with dad, I was taking pictures.
Grandpa pushing Mariska down a little hill

"Mariska, it would be easier to make a snow angel if you were laying down."

Mariska and Matthew

Dad throwing himself down the hill.

The aftermath.

The driveway was not that steep so the kids didn't go very fast but they usually made all the way across the street before they came to a stop.

I went too!

Mom brought some craft projects for me and my sisters to do. The kids had fun playing with all the toys that the cabin had including the Foosball and pool tables. On Saturday night we had a family home evening. Each individual family had to prepare a little presentation to share. It was so nice to be in such a beautiful place with the people I love, and to feel the spirit as strongly as I did. I tried to make waffle from a brownie mix that night. I didn't like them that much, they were just really hard cookies. On Sunday Dad offered a devotional and that afternoon we came home.

I sure do love my family! Thanks mom and dad for bringing me into it, and thanks for letting us celebrate your big day with you! Happy 30th Wedding Anniversary!!!!


Tyler and Julia said...

30 years is such an amazing accomplishment! I just love your parents! They're such wonderful people & your dad is by far one of the most witty, most hilarious people I've ever met in my life. :) We're coming up on our 9th anniversary in February, too. I'm sure you & John will love each other more & more every day, just as your parents have throughout their marriage.

Jolie said...

Aaaaah ok this explains your family pic w/ snowy trees as the backdrop!! I was thoroughly confused as to how a Las Vegas resident could take a picture in the snow!
What a FUN family weekend! That's it. I'm officially jealous of your fam. The Teeters clan never does anything awesome like that. ;-)
Love you!!